Our Policies

At OAMIC, our top priority is preserving the professional reputations and financial well-being of attorneys in the state of Oklahoma. This begins with lawyers professional liability insurance – sometimes also called errors and omissions (E&O), malpractice and even professional indemnity insurance –  and continues with other product and services vital for every Oklahoma law firm.


Lawyers Professional Liability

Lawyers professional liability insurance is our most popular policy, and is intended for attorneys in private practice.


Employed Lawyers Liability

Employed lawyers liability insurance is intended for those who are employed by companies – not law firms.

Additional Products

Cyber Liability

This coverage is included with every LPL policy OAMIC issues – including legal forensic, public relations, cyber extortion and regulatory defense penalties – but limits can also be increased to provide even more protection against cyber threats.

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Employment Practices Liability

Protect your firm from the litigious nature of today’s workplace with employment practices liability (EPL) coverage. Our EPL covers a broad array of exposures such as discrimination, harassment, failure to promote, wrongful termination and disability rights. Coverage applies to your employees and your clients.

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Office Package Policy

OAMIC offers a comprehensive office package policy. This policy provides property and general liability coverage specifically designed for law firms – including property, valuable papers and records, computers, law libraries, artwork or even intangibles like accounts receivable and loss of earnings.

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Workers Comp

We offer workers compensation insurance to protect your business and its employees from work-related accidents, illness and even death. In Oklahoma, employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance that protects its employees from the financial hardships caused by workplace injuries.

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Court Bonds

We offer both court fiduciary and court judicial guarantee bonds and we make it easy for you to purchase them online any time, including notary, dishonesty, ERISA, probate, civil court, public official and lost instrument bonds.

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ERE / Tail Coverage

When you retire, become a judge or exit private practice for any reason, an extended reporting endorsement (ERE) – also known as tail coverage – may be necessary to extend the terms and conditions of the prior existing policy and allow an additional period of time in which a claim may be reported.

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