Understanding Employment Practices Liability

Managing and running your firm can be difficult at times, including managing personnel issues. Protect your firm from the litigious nature of today’s workplace and transfer risk with Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage.

EPL includes a fairly broad array of exposures arising from the employment process. Most common among these are: discrimination, failure to promote, wrongful termination, harassment and disability rights. Our EPL coverage applies to third parties – meaning your clients – in addition to your employees. Watch our video or read below to learn more.

Policy Features


$100,000 per claim, with a $300,000 aggregate.

Employment Event Coverage

Sublimit covers costs of hiring a PR firm, security firm or mental health professionals after certain events.


Options beginning at $5,000.

Outside Directors Coverage

Covers claims made against employees serving in an executive position for a non-profit.

Worldwide Coverage

Policy applies to acts, errors or omissions occurring anywhere.

Privacy Violation Coverage

Including theft of personal employee information, like SSNs.

You can apply to increase your limits for Employment Practices Liability by completing the application below: