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It’s a myth that only bad lawyers have claims. Lawyers should expect 2-3 claims in their career, according to the ABA.

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In addition to legal malpractice, OAMIC offers Office Package Policy, Workers Comp, Court Bonds and more.

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OAMIC is Oklahoma born and bred. Originally formed in 1980 by members of the Oklahoma Bar Association, our primary focus is preserving our policyholders’ professional reputations and financial well-being. From large firms to single practitioners, as well as those employed in the legal department of a company, OAMIC provides the same first-class customer service to every policyholder, along with competitive rates and a specialized expertise of the Oklahoma legal environment.

As a mutual company, we are owned by Oklahoma attorneys. Our board consists entirely of Oklahoma attorneys. And we employ Oklahoma attorneys, too. Our unique history is only one part of what makes us the best legal malpractice provider in the state.

The OAMIC Advantage

At OAMIC, we have your back. For 40 years, we’ve been solely dedicated to protecting Oklahoma lawyers. When you purchase lawyers professional liability from OAMIC, you buy so much more than insurance. The OAMIC Advantage is our promise to you. It means we’ll be here through the good times and the bad. To protect you. To guide you. To serve you. READ MORE >>>

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Phil’s Corner is a special monthly column from OAMIC’s President & CEO Phil Fraim.I started to write something regarding a different subject matter, but during this year when it seems like COVID-19 and many things have made it a difficult and trying time, it hit me how grateful I am for many things. With all the adversity and uncertainty, that may seem like an unusual attitude, even bordering on Pollyanna-ish. Yet, if we can step back and remember the [...]

One Less Thing to Worry About When Opening Your Practice

The thought of opening your own practice is thrilling – the prospect of being your own boss and building something all your own is no doubt one of the most exciting endeavors in any profession. However, it can be a little scary too, knowing you’re entirely responsible for every aspect of your livelihood. Ensuring you’ve filed all the proper forms and secured adequate office space can be daunting enough, but there are a lot of other details that can [...]

Statute of Limitations and the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act

Every year, it seems we have at least one claim that is the failure to provide timely notice under the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act, 51 O.S. §151 et seq. Usually, we see this problem in the context of a claim against a medical provider, such as an ambulance service or even a hospital. By the time plaintiff’s counsel finds out the defendant is considered a political subdivision under the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act, the statute of limitations [...]

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OAMIC insureds receive numerous benefits in addition to their primary coverage. One of those is a 7% discount on SpeakWrite, an infinitely scalable, human-powered transcription machine. The SpeakWrite platform is rich in custom features for legal firms, and can be used with your own dictation device or via the free SpeakWrite mobile app.

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