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It’s a myth that only bad lawyers have claims. Lawyers should expect 2-3 claims in their career, according to the ABA.

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In addition to legal malpractice, OAMIC offers Office Package Policy, Workers Comp, Court Bonds and more.

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OAMIC is Oklahoma born and bred. Originally formed in 1980 by members of the Oklahoma Bar Association, our primary focus is preserving our policyholders’ professional reputations and financial well-being. From large firms to single practitioners, as well as those employed in the legal department of a company, OAMIC provides the same first-class customer service to every policyholder, along with competitive rates and a specialized expertise of the Oklahoma legal environment.

As a mutual company, we are owned by Oklahoma attorneys. Our board consists entirely of Oklahoma attorneys. And we employ Oklahoma attorneys, too. Our unique history is only one part of what makes us the best legal malpractice provider in the state.

The OAMIC Advantage

At OAMIC, we have your back. For 40 years, we’ve been solely dedicated to protecting Oklahoma lawyers. When you purchase lawyers professional liability from OAMIC, you buy so much more than insurance. The OAMIC Advantage is our promise to you. It means we’ll be here through the good times and the bad. To protect you. To guide you. To serve you. READ MORE >>>

Important Resources for Oklahoma Attorneys

Court Bonds 101 (and How to Get One)

As most lawyers know, a court bond is a tool to ensure a party will fulfill their responsibilities as ordered by law. Probate attorneys, for example, must often post a bond on behalf of an executor, administrator or conservator of an estate. However, the need for a bond also arises in a wide variety of other matters, such as appeals, injunctions, TROs, replevin actions and more. HISTORY OF SURETY BONDS Although the seemingly modern concept of surety bonds has definitely increased [...]

Criminal Malpractice Lawsuits May Be Fewer, but No Less Costly

Criminal defense malpractice lawsuits are not common and are significantly different from civil cases when proving malpractice. Apart from the difficulty involved in proving ineffective assistance of counsel, the plaintiff must first overturn the criminal conviction before pursuing the malpractice lawsuit. There is a huge burden of proof on the plaintiff to demonstrate that they would have had a different outcome if not for the actions or inactions of the attorney. That’s why 80% of the criminal law claims [...]

Avert Controversies With an Engagement Letter

One of the best instruments for an attorney to protect himself or herself from a malpractice lawsuit is a well-drafted engagement letter. The engagement letter is frequently disregarded by attorneys – instead, the attorney opts to just engage in a verbal agreement. However, a written engagement letter can be critical to both preventing and defending a professional liability claim. Significantly, the engagement letter ensures the attorney and the client are in agreement regarding items such as: Who is the client; Where the [...]

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OAMIC insureds receive numerous benefits in addition to their primary coverage. One of those is a 7% discount on SpeakWrite, an infinitely scalable, human-powered transcription machine. The SpeakWrite platform is rich in custom features for legal firms, and can be used with your own dictation device or via the free SpeakWrite mobile app.

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