Durant Trial College Recap -“The Will of Fortune: From Probate to Malpractice”


I want to thank all the Oklahoma attorneys, OAMIC insureds or otherwise, who either participated or attended our recent trial college in Durant: “The Will of Fortune: From Probate to Malpractice.” 

I also want give a special thank you to former federal judge Michael Burrage for presiding and Oklahoma Bar Association President Cathy Christensen for giving OAMIC the chance to provide Oklahoma attorneys a greater understanding of issues within a legal malpractice case.

For those that missed out this time around, the trial college was a joint venture between OAMIC and the OBA held the day prior to this year’s Solo and Small Firm Law Conference at the Choctaw Resort and Casino. The event was a great success both in terms of attendance and instruction.

OAMIC’s primary goal is to preserve our policyholders' professional reputations and financial well-being. We feel events like this help offer some level of guidance on the traps that often lead to malpractice claims. If we’re able to help one Oklahoma attorney avoid a common pitfall that could lead to a financial and emotional drain, then we’re moving in the right direction for each and every one of our thousands of policyholders.

I hope you mark your calendar for next year’s Solo & Small Firm Conference, and keep an eye out for more of these events from OAMIC!