Why should you choose OAMIC?

As an attorney, your primary focus is your clients and their needs. Yet with the realities of today’s world, attorneys will probably find themselves responding to an allegation of malpractice or omission at some point in their career. These claims, with or without merit, require investigation and defense.

OAMIC’s primary focus is preserving our policyholders' professional reputations and financial well-being.  We offer exceptional personalized service, competitive rates, and specialized expertise in attorneys’ professional liability insurance in Oklahoma.  

From large firms to single practitioners, OAMIC provides the same first-class customer service to every policyholder - and because we are a mutual company every one of our policyholders are an owner.

We believe that our state’s legal professionals should not have to entrust their livelihood to a nationwide call center. OAMIC manages risk specifically for Oklahoma lawyers and supports the state’s legal community, going far beyond providing malpractice insurance. In addition to lawyers’ professional liability insurance, we also offer ancillary products including court bonds, workers compensation, and office policy packages.

Gaps in coverage availability from year-to-year and ever-shifting premiums are some of the primary reasons OAMIC was created more than three decades ago.  We are proud that our core strengths—dependability, flexibility, customer service, and local ownership—have been rewarded with a 95 percent retention rate of policyholders.

Since forming in 1980, OAMIC has grown to insure over 5,000 Oklahoma attorneys and over 2,300 firms in Oklahoma.  We have paid more than $24 million in dividends to policyholders and we have nearly $50 million in assets—all because we have never wavered from our commitment to excellence.

In addition to being a reliable business partner for thousands of Oklahoma attorneys, we also maintain a strong relationship with the Oklahoma Bar Association by providing CLE programs, project support, event sponsorship, and other services.